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Redo generation in Oracle .... transaction table slot in an undo segment header. ..... prev ctl max cmt scn: 0x0000.00563167 prev tx cmt scn: 0x0000.00563169. Oracle Database リファレンス -- 目次 Oracle Databaseリファレンスの新機能 ..... unbound tx · undo_retention publish retry · undo segment extension · undo segment recovery · undo segment tx slot ... v$event_name: name per class ... set dispatcher -- ASM COD rollback operation completion -- ASM mount : wait for ... apply: waiting to commit -- undo segment extension -- undo segment tx slot  ... Transaction recovery in a RAC env | Helmut's RAC / JEE Blog E8CC44F0C9769846A35406B43734A05500000000 forced rollback no 10.21. 2014 ... Tx forced at 10.28.2014 10:40:55 <- TX forced rollback Tx retry at 10.29. 2014 ... (Doc ID 1494886.1) =========== ktuxeusn – Undo Segment Number ktuxeslt – Slot number ktuxesqn – Sequence ktuxesta – State ktuxesiz – Undo Blocks ...

When i refer to oracle documentation, it says not to modify the default value.

RDBMS-- an unusual ORA-01555 ... At the top of the data block we have an area used to link active transactions to a rollback segment (the 'tx' part), and the rollback segment header has a table that stores information upon all the latest transactions that have used that rollback segment. ... Oracle then uses the data block header to look up the ... Insufficient ITL Slots Tips - Burleson Oracle Consulting

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June 21, 2010 I located another interesting section of a paragraph in the June 2010 printing of the “Oracle Performance Firefighting” book. From page 231: "By default, Oracle tries to assign only one active transaction per undo segment. If each undo segment has an active transaction and if there is space available in the undo tablespace, Oracle… Database Reference - Contents - Oracle

Agreed. A TX is really a transaction enqueue or transaction lock. I sort of danced around saying it, when I said "....points to a specific undo segment, slot and sequence, which is the very essence or definition of a TX lock.", but I didn't really come out and say it, but it's what I was thinking.

List of Oracle Wait Events ADR block file read ADR block file write ADR file lock AQ propagation connection AQ spill debug idle ARCHwait for process start 3 ARCH wait on ATTACH ARCH wait on DETACH ARCH wait on SENDREQ ARCH wait on c/f tx acquire 1 ASM COD rollback...